Yo! Me, myself and I — ich!
Happy Trails BluesListen now (1 min) | Country "& Western" and Blues Meet
“Taterskin & The Eco Defenders” Selected by the Pulitzer Committee
From Book 2, "Tell it to Future Generations"
Name That Tune (Bass Riddle #1)Listen now (4 min) | From the bass line and then the instrumental version
Food, Fishing, Family, and Furry Milkaholics
3-Octave 12-bar BoogieListen now (2 min) | Jam along to the bass and metronome in G major (G, C, D)
Pop Cracklesnap, Time-traveling Animals, Dr. Dolittle, and The Monkey Wrench Gang
Titanosaur StompListen now (1 min) | Simple Bass Line for Jamming
Homesickness and a “Daffy” Neighbor
Sweat Equity and Forgoing Shaving
And, in one case, Thyme