May 24 • 2M

A Few Bass Lines

Standards / Classics / Cliches

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Until three months ago, I hadn’t played any musical instrument in ten years, and I haven’t played bass for at least 20, so I’m trying to get back up to speed with it. As you will hear, my timing is a little off at times, and the volume/attack is not consistent, either.

It's not me in the picture; I downloaded it from; it’s by Krisztian Reischl. The bass in the photo is the model (Gio Ibanez) that I have, I think, though — also the same color.

I’m not “advertising” this “podcast”; I’m mainly uploading it here so that I can share the link with a friend (who’s a guitar player). The tune snippets (bass line/drum only) include:

In the Midnight Hour
Feel Good Inc
Pretty Woman
Another One Bites the Dust