May 17 • 4M

Taterskin & The Eco Defenders Podcast (Book 2, Chapter 56)

"Tell It to Future Generations"—Chapter 56 of 56 (Last)

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A Curmudgeon Pontificates on Whatever the Heck He Wants To
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Taterskin & The Eco Defenders (in paperback, kindle, or hardcover) is available here.

Taterskin & The Eco Defenders is a cross between Dr. Dolittle and The Monkey Wrench Gang — Abbey Lofting

This concludes the serialization of Taterskin & The Eco Defenders. Thank you for listening.

In a sense, Taterskin & The Eco Defenders is a spin-off of the “Warble McGorkle Trilogy,” as Taterskin makes his first appearance in those books. Click the images below to reach their amazon pages.

Or, to get the Warble McGorkle Trilogy “under one roof” (between two covers):